Why Buy, when you can rent is the new mantra for 21st century parents. Why not save space and money!!

Create space in your home for your kids to play rather than clutter all around with toys that never get used beyond a few weeks.

By renting out toys, your child is exposed to the best brands and latest toys from the vast variety of Toys and Books at a fraction of the cost as compared to buying. And that too without wasting time to travel across the streets of the city – because we deliver and pick at your doorstep – and that too for FREE!!

Get wrapped toys that are ready to use as soon as you receive them! You don’t have to struggle to look for batteries around your house, as all battery operated toys come with pre-loaded batteries. How wonderful, isn’t it?

Why toy Library

Toy libraries — with a range of engaging, colourful and child-safe playthings — are the new way to keep your fidgety kid occupied.

There are many benefits of being a member of a toy library. These include:

  • Having access to hundreds of toys.
  • Borrowing toys that are matched to your child’s individual need, stage of development and interests.
  • Borrowing toys that are designed to facilitate particular skill development in children e.g. threading beads to assist fine motor skills.
  • Having a resource to assist and guide you in appropriate toy selection.
  • Avoiding storage issues of multiple or bulky toys.
  • Helping the environment by borrowing rather than purchasing.
  • Having an opportunity to try toys before you buy, therefore ensuring successful toy purchases.
  • Will not burn hole in your pocket. You can get expensive toys for a nominal rent.
  • Kids will be occupied and eagerly wait for new set of toys.
  • Your child learns to take care of toys and take responsibility for them.