1. What is TOYTOYS?
  2. ToyToys is a toy library wherein you can rent toys based upon the membership plan of your choice, for a particular period of time. It works on a similar concept of book library. We provide toys, books, C.D.s, puzzles, games for recreational and educational purposes to kids from 0 + months to 12 years of age .

  3. Who is the founder of TOYTOYS?
  4. ToyToys is founded by Mrs Shikha Sharma, a passionate professional and a dedicated parent to the two kids. She has done management from a reputed institute and has a working experience of marketing in different areas.

  5. What is the quality of toy with TOYTOYS?
  6. We keep branded toys only, to give a positive play experience. These toys are available for rent as well as buying.

  7. What are the cost involved in getting the membership?
  8. A customer has to pay one time non refundable registration fees as applicable along with the refundable security deposit and monthly rental as per the plan he or she chooses from rental plan section.

  9. How do I become a member?
    • ONLINE:
      You need to register yourself first by choosing the rental plan . Click on 'Register' and fill up the form. After filling up the registration form, choose the most suitable membership plan. You can make payment through different payment modes.

    • OFFLINE:
      Call us. We will help to create your account by registering you. Place Order. You can pay by different payment modes.

  10. How do I order?
  11. You need to log in with the email id and password .You can browse through the catalog and select the toys . After that you can pay according to the mode of payment of your choice and order.

  12. When can I expect the delivery of toys?
  13. The toys will be delivered to you by 2-3 working days after your order is confirmed.

  14. Any charges for delivery?
  15. Delivery and pick up is free of cost for you.

  16. What if a toy is broken?
  17. It is advised to check the toy at the time of delivery. If you receive any toy in broken condition ,don’t accept it and we will send you the new set of toy. Also please inform us at

  18. How do I return the toy?
  19. You can return the toy by going to your my account section. You can put up a return request and we will get it picked up from your place

  20. How many toys, books puzzles can I take in a particular time?
  21. Based upon the Membership plan you select, you will be eligible to use a certain number of points per month. For eg,

    1. Every Toy/Book is assigned certain number of points. A particular toy could be of 5 points and a book could be of 3 points, etc.

    2. Suppose you have a plan with 24 points every month in your account to use.

    3. So, you will be able to select any number of toys and books that add up to 24 points in a month.

    4. After the month gets over, you will again get 24 points by renewing your account and you can select new toys/books for that month.

  22. For how long can I keep the toys?
  23. You can keep the toys maximum for 30 days and get it exchanged with new set of toys.

  24. Do I have to clean the toy before returning?
  25. We expect in order to maintain cleanliness and hygiene you would wipe the toy for any dust and dirt.

  26. How do I make payment?
  27. You can pay by Cash, NEFT or through internet banking.

    NEFT details:
    Account name: Shikha Sharma
    Bank name: Axis Bank Ltd, Sanpada
    Account type: Current account
    Branch: Sanpada, Navi Mumbai
    Account no: 916020050925841
    IFSC code: UTIB0000641

  28. What if a toy breaks or parts of a toy are lost?
  29. It is very rare that the toy will be broken as we keep best branded toys. Though if a toy/book/puzzle is damaged then there are two options:

    a.If you lose a part, we will give you a fortnight to find that part. Incase you can't find it, we will charge the cost of replacement of the part. In case replacement is not possible, we charge you the depreciated cost of that toy ranging between 20% to 40% less than MRP.

    b. If a part is damaged, we will try to repair it and charge only the actual cost of repair. In case it cannot be repaired then we charge you the depreciated cost of toy ranging between 20% to 40% less than MRP

  30. Are there any late fees?
  31. No, we don’t believe in charging late fees . However you next month rental cycle will start with the same set of toys. And you need to pay the next month fees within seven days from the monthly cycle of your plan.

  32. How many times can I get a toy in a month.
  33. Two times in a month you can get the toy delivered at your home.

  34. Can I get toys for special occasions such as birthday parties, kids party, holidays, camps etc?
  35. YES!! these will be customised according to your needs. So please get in touch with us on or call 996779133

  36. Do I have to pay any fee for re-opening my account after closing it?
  37. Yes, a member can re-open his/her account after closing it by paying a fee of Rs.200/-

  38. When can I get my security deposit back?
  39. You can get the security deposit back within 15 days of closing request and returning toys back to the library, after deducting any damages or dues you have with library. If you have not used the plan in full, no money will be refunded to you apart from security deposit.

  40. Can I buy the toys that I have rented?
  41. Being a TOYTOYS member, you have an option to buy the same toys or we can help you purchase fresh pieces of the same toy and you can also avail of attractive discounts. Call TOYTOYS and we will help you with your purchase.

  42. How do I upgrade/downgrade my Membership plan?
  43. You will need to login with your username/password, access your my account section and click on "Change Plan" or call us on Mobile No. 9967791133 and we will change your plan.

    Please refer to term and condition and privacy policy for a hassle free experience.